Salus3 is our flagship product – a web-based platform providing all the tools you need to run and manage your pre-hospital event service including asset tracking, patient management, incident reporting, staff rotas, stock management and document management.

Why You'll Love Our Platform

Our platform is built by managers with experience in running pre-hospital services, for managers and staff in pre-hospital care. It so easy and simple to use, anyone can use it.


Our platform runs in the cloud meaning your data is available when you need it, through any browser … instantly. Your data is stored in secure, state of the art datacentres located here in the UK.

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Track all your assets and help prevent them from being stolen and sold on.


A tailored pre-hospital care incident reporting system. Prevent a near-miss from becoming an incident.

Doc Manager

Document management and versioning system


Create events and share information and documents with other organisations using Salus3.


Accept online applications and manage employees.


A single place to find and store policies, procedures, documents and publications.

PRF Manager

Record data from your Patient Report Forms, and upload your paper forms to manage all your information in the cloud.


Schedule staff and shifts anywhere at anytime online. Staff can choose their shifts themselves along with email and sms notifications.

Stock Manager

Record stock levels in your locations, produce re-order reports and track expiry dates.


Manage your fleet of vehicles, track MOT and TAX expiry dates and maintenance work undertaken.


Upload multiple documents at once ready for indexing across the system.


Record compliance audits undertaken, track compliance over time and upload audit documentation all in one place.


Electronic Patient Record system to record patient visits to your static first aid/medical treatment rooms.

Information Asset Register

Manage compliance with Data Protection legislation and GDPR.


Custom and static reports across all modules within the system.

Training Courses

Record and track training courses and delegates, produce certificates with a central searchable register of certificates issued.


Pricing starts from £3 per month + VAT for up to 5 users/staff.

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Free Trial

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